The CSS3000 Contactless Smartcard System is an extremely secure, fast, convenient and cost effective access control system for management of parking of a car park or restricted zone. Its proximity reading characteristic provides parker the most comfortable way to enter and exit a car park.


The contactless smartcard reader utilises radio frequency identification (RFID) for communication between reader and proximity card. The card can be read within 10cm without physical contact; therefore, the card can be placed inside the wallet. The reader is connected to a control computer with an ID code database for access validation.


General Features

  • Each FCU controls up to four Contactless Smartcard Readers (two entrances and two exits)
  • On line transaction records with alarm indication
  • Car park utilization counters with control for the optional car park full indicator.
  • Flexible access control mechanism (access restriction by expire date, blacklisting table, time period (weekday, weekend, holiday or special days), antipassback sequence and car park in / out zone)
  • Customers can be grouped (one vehicle with multiple cards or multiple parking spaces for multiple cards) for easy control and management
  • Personalized customer data
  • Automatic or on-demand report printing functions
  • Multi-level system access control level with password protection
  • Chinese graphical user interface

 Optional Features

  • Fully integrate with SkiData Parking System
  • Integrate to other car park access control system
  • Connect multiple FCUs to form a car park access control network
  • Connect to an image capturing system for photo image validation
  • Connect to a license plate recognition system for license number validation
  • Remote access by the Remote Management Workstation
  • POS Function for recording sales of monthly pass and other sale items, such as parking coupon

System Components
The basic PSL-CSS-3000 Contactless Smartcard System consists of the following components:

  • Proximity Card
  • Contactless Smartcard Reader
  • Barrier
  • Vehicle Detector
  • Field Control Unit
  • Full Sign (Optional)
  • Intercom System (Optional)