License Plate Recognition System | LPRS5000



   PSL-LPRS-5000 (LPRS5000) can be run independently or can be integrated with another system to accomplish the desirable control applications:



  • Car Park Access and Revenue Control System

   The LPRS5000 system regulates entry to or exit from a secured parking area. When a vehicle approaches a car park’s entry or exit point, its LPN will be automatically recognized. Its access right will be checked against the authorized list in the database and only the matched vehicle will be allowed to enter or exit the car park. Any abuse of the use of the car park, such as a designated monthly pass being used by an unauthorized vehicle or car theft using an hourly ticket to drive another car to leave the car park can be detected automatically.



  • Fee Collection System with Automatic Access Control and Payment

   For toll road/tunnel or other control areas that automatic validation and fee collection is required, the LPRS5000 system can suit the requirement by automatically screening those registered vehicles without human intervention. The accuracy rate and speed of the process can then be increased. Fee can also be collected via the registered account or other payment methods by using the LPN as the validation and authorization key.



  • Automatically capturing and recording vehicle appearance image together with the date/time, lane number, recognized LPN, and type of access information into the computer
  • High accuracy rate
  • Processing time less than 1 second
  • Capable to work in both indoor and outdoor environment
  • Providing manual input for an unreadable license plate
  • Capable to output the LPN via serial or LAN port to another system
  • Capable to perform LPN matching
  • Capable to store at least 400,000 images (JPEG format)
  • Image format: JPEG (adjustable compression ratio) or BMP
  • Displaying live video of the entry and exit lane with color CCTV camera (Save money for additional CCTV System)
  • Processing image validation in either verification or capturing (bypass) mode
  • Providing alarm indication to alert car park staff for vehicle present at the entrance or exit lane
  • Fully integrate with SkiData Parking System, TagMaster System, or other parking access control system for retrieving the ticket and customer information as well as access control
  • Capable to search the recorded data by date, time, lane number, license plate number, or type of access
  • Capable to print or save the searched data and statistical data, such as daily traffic flow
  • Multi-level system access control level with password protection
  • Easy of use Chinese graphical user interface


System Components

  • LPR Processor
  • Field Equipment:

> Infra-red Camera and Infra-red Light with waterproof Housing


> Vehicle Presence Detector with underground detection loop


> Colour Camera with waterproof Housing (Optional)


> Barrier (Optional)

  • Optional Server Computer for the system with more than one LPR Processor