Long Range RFID System | TMS3000


   The TMS-3000 TagMaster System is an extremely secure, fast, and convenient access control system for the management of parkers of a car park or restricted zone. Its long-range characteristic provides parker the most comfortable way to enter and exit a car park because the parker does not need to roll down the window to present his/her access Tag.


   TagMaster reader utilizes high-speed radio frequency identification (RFID) for communication between the reader and tag. The RF signal from the reader is reflected back from the tag together with its id-code. The tag-ID is then related to the vehicle or owner in a database, which can be stored in the reader or in the parking system. TagMaster’s semi-passive tags are battery-powered, so there is no wake-up time delay. The tag has a fully predictable life span of up to 6 or 8 years and is completely maintenance-free. 

TagMaster RFID technology provides users with a truly convenient method of access to parking facilities. Vehicles equipped with an ID-tag gain fast and convenient access to garages, without having to open the window. The system improves traffic flow and reduces operational costs.


   TagMaster reader includes both the controller and RF-antenna in one unit. It can be fully integrated with SkiData Parking System or other parking systems to control and manage the access right. It can read ID-Tag in a distance up from 3-metre with LR-3 and 6-metre with LR-6.


   The ID-Tag is typically mounted inside the vehicle's windshield, for easy registration at the barrier gate. Whenever possible, the use of the TagMaster WinFix tag holder for mounting the tag is highly recommended. The ID-Tag is the same size as a credit card.



General Features:

  • Each FCU controls up to four TagMaster Readers (two entrances and two exits)
  • On line transaction records with alarm indication
  • Car park utilization counters with control for the optional car park full indicator.
  • Flexible access control mechanism (access restriction by expire date, blacklisting table, time period (weekday, weekend, holiday or special days), antipassback sequence and car park in / out zone)
  • Customers can be grouped (one vehicle with multiple tags or multiple parking spaces for multiple tags) for easy control and management
  • Personalized customer data
  • Automatic or on-demand report printing functions
  • Multi-level system access control level with password protection
  • Chinese graphical user interface


Optional Features:

  • SkiData TagMaster Software Module – For fully integrated with SkiData Parking System
  • CACS Module – For integrating to other car park access control systems
  • VICS Module – For connecting to an image capturing system for photo image validation
  • LPRS Module – For connecting to a license plate recognition system for license number validation
  • Remote Management Workstation – For remote access to TMS3000 by the Remote Management Workstation for remote control and monitoring function, car park users administration function, and remote reporting function
  • POS Module - For recording sales of a monthly pass and other sale items, such as parking coupon


System Components

  • Field Control Unit / TMS Processor
Field Equipment:
  • TagMaster Reader (one per traffic lane)
  • Vehicle Presence Detector with underground detection loop (two per traffic lane)
  • Barrier (one per traffic lane)
  • Full Sign (Optional)
  • Intercom (Optional)