Self-payment Kiosk

Self-payment Kiosk


  The kiosk is designed for the car park as well as retail applications, such as Queuing, Self-Payment, and information.


  It delivers all the reliability, functionality, and performance efficiency required for an interactive information display in various touch applications. With such a large screen, it still keeps an ultrathin body to save up valuable space for you.


  Its modularized design allows you to build your own kiosk from some optional peripherals, such as Octopus; Thermal Receipt Printer; Magnetic Card Reader. You can enjoy not only the eye-catching and ultrathin body but also these practical functions to improve your business.



Items Details
LCD/Touch 32" True-Flat PCAP Touch (resolution: 1080x1920)
Operating system Windows 10
Standard Option Octopus/Thermal Receipt Printer/Magnetic Card Reader
Optional Version Standalone
Dimension 650 (W) x 692 (D) x 1850 (H) mm